How we work:

empowering women through fair trade

"Didi" means "sister" in hindi - older, respected sister. The name explains how we strive to do business with all of our partners and clients. In every relation, we work to ensure we demonstrate respect, care, and solidarity. ​


Our overall goal is to see a world that is more equitable and just. 

While we alone cannot reach this goal, we know that by working towards economic, social, political and cognitive empowerment of women in India, we are contributing to a world that is more equitable and just.


Over main theory of change is empowerment - both through fair trade enterprise, and a long-term commitment to education

Our Partners


SHRAM is led by an inspiring, accomplished woman, Piyusha, and made up of between eight and ten young women of the village Batamandi in Himachal Pradesh, India. SHRAM and Piyusha were key factors to the creation of The Didi Society.

The success of SHRAM is greatly attributed to its firm structure. They have strict membership guidelines and democratic governance. The group meets daily to work in their clean, safe workshop that is close to their homes.


SHRAM has developed a product line upcycling fabrics from local industrial waste (discarded materials from local tailors and larger textile factories) as well as some personal care products made with ayurvedic principless and ingredients.

Shaki Kunj

Meera Arya is the founder of Shaki Kunj and a founding member of The Didi Society.

For many years, Meera coordinated the women's cooperative ASSA. 


Shaki Kunj is a newly incorporated self help group in New Delhi, India. It is being structured with a cooperative model. There are currently three women in the group, in addition to the coordinator, Meera. 


We are excited to be working with Shaki Kunj as they grow and develop.

The Team

The Team

The Team

Julia Norman

Founder and Executive Director

Lyndsay Kowalick

Operations and Sales Director

Piyusha Abbhi

Education and Program Director, Batamandi

Meera Arya

Education and Program Director, New Delhi

Lauren Salim

Communications Director

Lauren Norman

Treasurer and Founding Director

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